Team Foundation Server power tools December release

You can read all the details Here, but basically it is a release mainly focused for “non visual studio developers”. This new release has a MSSCCI provider for 64 bit, and a version of Power Tools for eclipse, and it is available from the Eclipse update site.

For those ones interested in knowing the news for VS Power Tools, basically it add the capability to search for number in the “Work Item Search Box” and a bunch of rules in the Best Practice Analyzer to identify issues with Project Server interaction, so, for Visual Studio Users it is a minor release, and probably the last for Visual Studio 2010, as stated by Brian

Right now, I’m thinking this will be the last Power Tools release for the VS 2010 wave of products.  After the new year, we are going to turn our attention to getting all of the Power Tools working seamlessly with VS/TFS 11 (and removing all the ones that have now been added to the product

Happy TFS.

Gian Maria.