Git Videos

A list of Git related YouTube Videos

I’ve started to create some Git related videos in my YouTube profile, this post will collect all of them for easier access.

Code that I’ve shown in these video available on GitHub. I’ve also some code that is used in these videos available also on GitHub that also contains a small Wiki with some recap on the various commands/concepts explained in the videos.

  • Git Internals
  • Git Branching
    • Branch 101: branch is no more than a text file YouTube Video
    • Merge branches: how to merge branch back into main branch YouTube Video
    • Merge branches: close a branch with rebase strategy YouTube Video
  • Collaborating with git
  • Azure DevOps
    • How Git connects to your Azure Repositories YouTube Video
    • Use SSH to connect to your Azure DevOps Git repositories YouTube Video
    • Connect from a Linux machine to your Azure DevOps account YouTube Video
    • Index your .NET code thanks to Azure DevOps symbol server YouTube Video
  • GitHub
    • Perform Security Code Analysis in GitHub with CodeQL and GitHub actions. YouTube Video
    • How to setup a GitHub Action Workflow to run CodeQL analysis on your code. YouTube Video
    • How to use a Yubikey on Windows to secure your SSH key to connect to GitHub with SSH protocol. YouTube Video
  • Miscellaneous tips
    • Git Log triple dot syntax to quickly compare different commits between two branches. YouTube Video
    • Git log –pretty-format can be used to dump log in a machine parsable format and create visualization tools YouTube Video Happy watching