X01 Team Foundation Server List

I’ve not a 101 Team Foundation Server link lists :), but quite often I got question from people on TFS, and I clearly remember that I read the answer in some blog post, but I could not remember exactly where. Since there are a lot of blogs and sites that deal with TFS, I decided to keep a list of all links that I found useful during time in a blog post, so, whenever I need to look for a link that was useful in the past, I can simply scan this list hoping to find what I’m searching :).

If you are interested this is the list (I’ll try to keep it updated over time). This is an highly incomplete list, I’ve started to keep it not long ago, but it can be useful :) and I hope it can be useful for all the readers of my blog.


Introduction to TFS Training Kit

Process template

Do you know how to upgrade a process template but still keep your data intact.
How to force a specific format of a work item with the MATCH Element

Source Control

When would I use a Branch for Developer Scenario.
Surviving from a file locked to someone else that is not available at the moment
Check-in policies for TFS 2010

Work Items

Search In TFS Work Items never was so Easy

Visual Studio

Surviving Large Solutions in VS20101
ProjectTemplate for TFS Utilities
Home page of the Visual Studio SDK
VSIX Package development


Move your TFS in port 80.
Migration while changing domain.
List of Patch/Hotfixes for TFS2010.


Deep Dive Into TFS Reporting
Customizing the Burndown Dashboard Report in team portal
Quality report

Power tools

CheckInPolicies for Tfs Power Tools


Programmatically merge code with Tfs API
Programmatically change a query
Compare changeset programmatically with API
TFS SDK: Workspace Explorer And Statistics
Get Exploratory testing and Feedback Manager Session in TFS 2011 API

Tfs Build

An utility to launch a deploy script when build quality changes.
A series of tfs activities built from community members
Publishing samples with TFS build.
Level of TFS Build Automation
Building project type not supported by MSBuild.
Take advantage from MSBuild Inline task in TFS Build
Numbering assemblies during build.
Improving the stability of a build
Updating Associated changesets and Work Items without Updating Work Items
Publish Nunit Test result as part of Team Build in Team Foundation Server 2010
Nunit for TFS Build
Creating Fake Builds in TFS Build 2010

Testing and Microsoft Test Manager

WTM – Manage Microsoft Test Manager plans from a Cool Web Interface.
Improve performance of CodedUI Test
Unit Test Silverlight Programs
Customize your work item test item template
CUITe (Coded UI Test enhanced) Framework
Testing Metro Style application with MTM
Web Services Test Automation Guidance using Visual Studio
Get the test case associated with a Unit Test.
Add all control of a page to the UiMap at once.
Customizing TFS 2011 process template for Exploratory Testing Tours
Bulk Edit Action Recording
Customize your test case work item template to enable query on test artifacts.

Lab Management

Lab Management Walktrhough using VS11 Dev preview machine

User Voice

Performance user voice
Visual Studio General


Master and sub backlog in TFS11

Happy TFS.

Gian Maria.