Interesting links for Visual Studio 11 and TFS 11

Yesterday Microsoft released a really huge wave of tools as well as the consumer preview of the upcoming operating system Windows 8. For Developers there are a lots of news to learn, especially on the new version of Visual Studio called VS11 , so I decided to create a blog post where I’ll try to list all interesting links related to VS11 Beta. I’ll try to keep this post updated

Where to download Primary download location for Visual Studio Alm11(VS + TFS):
Virtual Machine by Brian Keller with everything installed and hands on labs:
Windows 8 Server Consumer Preview
Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Upgrade process Updating an Upgraded Team Project to Access New Features
Upgrade TFS 2010 to TFS11 beta
Upgrade TFS 2010 to TFS 11 beta step by step and it’s prerequisites
Another Upgrade guide from NorthWest Cadence

Licensing Even better access to Team Foundation server

Learning Resources Frequently Asked Questions
Visual studio 11 Beta Product guide

Welcome to Visual Studio 11 ALM Rangers Readiness Beta WAVE ( a lot of codeplex solutions to obtain the maximum from TFS11)
What’s new for Microsoft Test Manager in Visual Studio 11 Beta (a good overview of improvement for tester in VS11)
What’s new in VS-TFS 11 – Part 1
Unit Test Plugin List (a list of the unit test adapter to run xUnit and Nunit test inside the new test runner)
Pratical Kanban Guidance for TFS11 by ALM Rangers
Working on multiple project how can I see what I need to do at a glance
Visual Studio 11 Beta – What is new in Coded UI Test?
Upcoming Free Webinars and Workshops from Imaginet
Visual Studio 11 Beta Testing Documentation
Tfs 11 Process Template customization guidance
New Videos: Upgrading to Team Foundation Server 11
What’s new in Visual Studio 11 Beta Unit Testing
Update or redirect custom assemblies

Some blog post from Northwest Cadence -

Gian Maria