Data Dude for Visual Studio 2010

For those out there that are, like me, fans of Data Dude, here is a link that shows you the news about Data Dude in VS2010.

The most appealing part is that database projects are now supported starting from VS professional edition, so I’m expecting that more and more people will try to manage databases with Visual Studio. Clearly most of the features are still available only for VS Premium or VS Ultimate users, but at least, people with professional can compile a DB Project, Execute unit testing or data generation plan (but only people with Premium and Ultimate are able to create and manage them).

This is especially important in large teams, where not all the developers can work with higher version of VS. With 2008 a user with professional cannot even open a DB Project, and the only solution is to create different solutions, one for the guys with professional, and the other for those with Data Dude. With VS2010 we can forget this problem.

Another good thing is that now the TFS Build Agent has the Data Dude bits installed, so it does not require you to install the full Visual Studio Database Edition on all Build Machines. This is another great news for Continuous Integration Addicted folks.


Tags: Visual Studio