We love our hardware really true

As Jeff Atwood says “we love computers”, yes, we are developer, but in the end we choose this profession because is the one that make us possible to work with the object of our love…computer.

I’m one of those person that build his development machine, I want to choose every pieces of hardware, and this is mainly because I worked as a technician  during my university period, so I used to work with a lot of different hardware, and I cannot think to own a computer that is “packaged by someone else”, each part of my pc is there because I want it to be there.

I use P5KL asus motherboard, I’m a Three monitor guy but I usually have a standard motherboard, one Video card on the PCI express, and another in standard PCI slot, it goes really well.

For CPU same of Jeff, clock speed really matters, so I have a 3.0 GHZ dual core E8400, it has 6 MB L2 cache, and this is really good for speed.

Same for RAM, but I only have 2 GB, so I have 2x1GB Kingston DDR 800 (Kingston really is a reliable ram at affordable price)

Oh my god, same choice for disk :D, a Western Digital 10.000 RPM, mine is only 150 GB because I have another 150 7200 RPM as secondary disk. Having 2 drives permits me to set up virtual disk for my virtual machine on the secondary disk, performances are greater when you can divide data in two disks, even if one is slower.

For video card I choose a smaller Radeon X1550 coupled with a PCI radeon 7000. I remember the old days when I used to do 3D graphics, when I looked for the most expensive video card to have Pixel and Vertex shader to play with…now I really do not have time to do it again, so a smaller Video Card is enough for me. Yeah, it is true that GPU performs really better than standard CPU, but it is normal, since they are build to do specific task, but since I do not use graphic effects (I turned of my aero on Vista in my laptop) the only thing that I ask to my video card is not giving me problems :D

Then I have a standard case with standard coolers, ecxept the fact that I usually put an hard drive dedicated cooler in each drive……the result is surely much more noisy than Jeff’s one. In the end I’m amazed how my pc is similar to Jeff’s one, and the reason that lead me to choose this particular hardware are the same.

Actually I’m planning to have a 15.000 SAS disk as my Birthday Gift :D, after all, I see that Visual Studio loves Quick Hard Drives.


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