Unable to use Android Emulator error ADBVENDORKEY

I’m working with Xamarin, but in my workstation, where my user has no administrative right, I’m not capable of running the emulator, even if I start everything with administrative user.

Device unauthorieze ADB_VENDOR_KEY is not set


Figure 1: Error running the emulator.

I have a really similar identical setup on another computer, where the user is admin of the machine and everythign work. I’ve found some solution on the internet, but nothing worked, until I found some clue on the fact that, this error is somewhat related to google store.


Figure 2: Removing play store from emulator settings ** ** First step was removing the Google Play Store from emulator configuration, then I needed also to force a Cold boot, because for some reason, it just don’t work on my system.


Figure 3: Disable fast boot and force a cold boot

On a decent developer machine, ColdBoot is fast, so actualy it is absolute not a problem for me. Now I’m able to use the emulator in Xamarin.

Gian MAria.