Removing Network Emulation of Visual Studio Test Runner

Visual Studio has the ability to simulate network speeds during test executio n. This feature is nice especially for Load Test, because it permits to really simulate users that have different configuration speed. This ability is granted from a network component that gots installed in your TCP/IP stack and one of the question that usually arise is

I’ve enabled it in my machine, but now I want to remove because I’ve installed only to try to run a load test.

The solution is opening an Administrator Developer Command Prompt and issue the command vstestconfig NetworkEmulation /Uninstall

C:\WINDOWS\system32>vstestconfig NetworkEmulation /Uninstall
 Microsoft (R) VSTestConfig Version
for Microsoft Visual Studio v11.0
 Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.
Network Emulation Configuration:
                Removed network emulation driver successfully.

This will remove completely the emulation Driver. The same command has an /Install option to install it again if you want to run Web Performance test simulating different network speed as well as a /Repair option useful if the component is installed, but Visual Studio complains that he is not able to use it.

Gian Maria.