Remove git-tf tracked branch after a move from standard TF Service project to Git enabled project

In a previous post called “Move a TFService source contorl to TF Service Git based Team Project” I explained how to simple move sources from a standard TF Service project to another one based on Git. Now after a push if I issue a log I got this.


Figure 1: Origin_tfs/tfs branch in my log?

It seems that there is a remote branch called origin_tfs/tfs but it does not get listed in the list of remote branches from the Web Ui, this because that branch was related to git-tf operations.


Figure 2: Remotes/origin_tfs/tfs branch showed by a branch –a command

Since that branch is not needed I want to remove it, so I first issue a simple git branch -r to understand the list of remote-tracking branches. Now I can simply decide to delete the remote-tracking branch because I do not need it anymore


Figure 3: Deleting the remote tracking branch.

Gian Maria.