Vertex 4 vs vertex 3 OCZ Hard disks

My new Vertex4 SSD is just arrived, I bought essentially to upgrade my laptop that has an old OCZ vertex2 drive 120 GB. I was constantly striving to make room for my virtual machines, so I decided that it was time to upgrade it to a 240GB SSD disk. As soon as my vertex 4 is arrived I immediately upgraded the firmware and run some benchmark


Figure 1: Benchmark of Vertex4 empty drive with firmware 1.5.

Actually it is interesting to compare to the result of the Vertex3 I did some month ago.


Figure 2: Benchmark of Vertex3 empty drive

The results confirmed what I heard on various forums, it is actually slower in sequential reading but it is faster in random tests, and sequential write. Actually this is a good balance because I rarely have big sequential file to read, instead I always want random write speed to maximize compile time in Visual Studio.

I’m happy of the test, even if probably I could have bought a Samsung 830 drive, because lots of my friends told me that it is a really good drive :), actually my decision was based on the fact that my preferred hardware vendor have no Samsung disk available, so I decided to take the Vertex4.

Gian Maria