Git is fantastic but IMHO too complex to use

I’ve blogged some time ago on the basic fact that I’m not a Git lover and a couple of days ago I stumbled upon this post (10 things I hate about Git), where the author did a full explanation of various reason why he does not like Git.

If you have read in the past the excellent book by David Platt Why Software Sucks you should agree that, while Git is surely a really good, fast, powerful, complete source control system, that permits you to do marvelous stuff, it lacks simplicity. And although it is a tool for programmer I think that it is too difficult to use for the basic everyday operations. In my opinion Git is a perfect example of a tool that was built to make complex thing possible but not to make simple things simpler (as suggested in David Platt’s book).

The result is a tool that surely is the most complete and powerful source control system you can use today , but that requires a lot of training to avoid to get lost with it. I hope that in the future some effort will be devoted to make everyday work simpler and clearer, avoiding the need to face complexity in everyday work, leaving the complexity only when it is time to do complex things. This will really make Git an exceptional and outstanding product.

Gian Maria.