Installing a Build controller against an Hosted TFS on Azure

One of the greatest news of yesterday was the availability of the TEam Foundation Server on Windows Azure. I can assure you that there is a huge hunting for invitation code (mine 5 are terminated after few minutes ;) ) and this demonstrates the high interest that people have against TFS on Azure.

Clearly the other interesting news is the availability of the Developer Preview for the next version of Visual Studio (you can read the details here). In Jason Zander’s post there are no details for TFS, because a lot of details were already discussed in Brian Harry’s blog, but I assure that there are a lot of news for the new TFS version.

Finally I want to point out this video of Brian Keller on Channel9 that explain how to setup a build controller against your TfsPreview instance, so you are able to create build against project hosted on TfsPreview.

Have Fun.

Gian Maria.