Extract the maximum from your Hardware

I used to be a hardware enthusiast in the past, I start overclocking PC in the old day of 486, and I loved to tweak my system to squeeze out the most I can. After lots of years are passed, I have no time to follow overclocking forum, and I do not want to risk system stability to have a little increase in performance.

In the last post I show the benchmark for all of my disks units, and after the benchmark I got a suggestion of running the Intel Solid State Drive Toolbox to verify that my settings makes my ssd disk operates at maximum speed.

It tells me to disable Superfetch/Prefetch o_O


After telling the toolbox to change all settings for optimum performance I pass from this score


To this one


I ran the test several times, and the result are consistent, actually I have a good improvement in sequential and 512k tests.

The old days when tweaking your hardware requires a good knowledge of what you are doing are gone :) in these days you can simply fire a tool, asking him to do optimization for you, and you got better performance for almost free.

Gian Maria