Benchmarking your disks

I love Fast Hard Disks and in the last month I bought an SSD and a replacement 2TB disk for my Virtual Machine disk that failed last week. Today I wanted to do a little benchmark on all the disks that are inside my machine to verify the differencies between the various units.

These are the results from my Intel-X25 M disk


These ones are for RAID-0 of two WD Velociraptor 10K RPM (150 GB each)


These ones are for my single WD Caviar Green EARX 2TB 7200 RPM


What conclusion I had from this simple test? The SSD completely outperform all other configuration in 4K and 4k QD32. The Big Surprise was the Caviar Green, a really inexpensive disk (64€ for 2T of space) can compare with 2 Velociraptor on RAID-0, and in 512k test it is actually faster. This will makes me to entire reconsider the expense of buying a 10K RPM unit right now, because it seems to me that new 7200 RPM disks are cheaper and faster :)

Gian Maria.