Time to upgrade my Disks

I always love to have fast computer and sadly enough, the slowest part is always the HD. In my desktop computer I reach a good compromise with three 10.000 RPM Raptor disk, but in the laptop, having a single 7.200 RPM… it is simply a pain.

This morning I was reading an old post of Jeff, that reminds me of the existence of Hybrid HD drives :). Basically at very low price you can buy an HD that is surely not fast as an SSD, but is better than a simple 7.200 at an appealing price. Since the price is not so high as an SSD, and the HD is 500 GB, it is perfectly suitable for the laptop, that has only one bay for the HD.

Basically I believe that probably, before six month I will decide to take an SSD even for my desktop (to keep the OS, moving the three velociraptor to RAID to store projects and other stuff).

I still remember when I was young and a friend of mine bought a 40 MegaBytes HD, and it seems to me some fantastic piece of hardware :), and when I bought my first 1.2 GB disk, people told me that such amount of space would be absolutely not useful (but I have several partition with linux and windows to work with). Now having a 500GB hd is the standard, and not so many years have passed, so in a few years I’m expecting that an SSD disk will be the standard.