NHibernate Query Analyzer

NHQueryAnalyzer is a tool originally written by Ayende, and now it is supported at this link. I think that it is really a good tool, very useful even to learn HQL query because gives you an immediate idea of what the query will looks like. Here is a screenshot. (‘I’ve hide some sensitive part because this is part of a project of a company I worked with).


  • Figure 1: A screenshot of Nhibernate Query Analyzer in action.*

Query parsing is instantaneous, so you can immediately understand if your query is good or wrong.


Figure 2: Query errors are immediately detected and signaled

You can also press F5 to execute the query to the database and take a look at returned object.


Figure 3: Result of query execution, you can look at returned objects and navigate to the object graph.

If you are a NHibernate user and you use HQL, you should not miss this tool.


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