SATA and E-Sata

I’ve bought recently an external 3.5 HD usb2.0/E-sata enclosure. I mounted a 1 Terabyte HD into it, and connected to my desktop pc with E-Sata. It does not work.

Then I take the cable that was furnished with enclosure, that permits me to bring standard SATA port of the motherboard with an external E-Sata connector. With this one the HD works well.

Then I bought an express card e-sata card for my laptop, and the HD wont work with it. It gives me the final proof that E-Sata is not simply a different port from SATA, but it is a slightly different types of controller. My external box in fact works only when connected to SATA with a cable that transform sata connector to E-Sata one, but it does not work when connected to a real e-sata connector.

Now I’m looking for an external 3.5 HD box that works well with a real E-Sata.