Have you backup your data today

I was reading this post, and I really agree with Jeff, every day is international Backup Awareness Day.

People usually learn the importance of a good backup the first time they have a great data loss, or when you see others having greats data loss. I remember, loong time ago, when I worked in a computer shop in my city, one day a person came with his computer and told us it does not power up. I checked the machine and the Hard Disk was completely gone, it did not even spin the disk so I told him, the HD is gone, all data are lost. I remember this 50 years old man almost crying to me I have 5 years of work inside the HD, tons of autocad project, I need those data

That episode makes me understand the importance of your data, so every day I begin to think, what will happen if my internal HD will fry for catastrophic power supply peak voltage? What happens if a supermagnet will erase all the data of all my HD in home, etc etc.

I learned also the importance of verify the restore procedure, nothing is more dangerous of a false security, you think that you have a good backup, and when you need it…

External Image

You will find that your backup is not so good, and you lost data or you are not able to recover all of your data.

Another important consideration is that you cannot rely on others making backup of your data. Data are YOURS and it is YOURS duty to backup them, especially if they are stored in some internet provider that gives you 5 GB of spaces for 50$ years.

For My blog I do regular database backup, I download via ftp the whole site periodically so I do not lose images, and I restore everything on a virtual machine of mine, and verify that the restored blog is ok, this gives me good confidence that if my provider completely lost all my data, I’m able to restore everything from the latest backup. Data of my blog, for each backup, are stored in multiple places.

  1. on my host

  2. on my external backup disk

  3. on a virtual machine that resides into an internal disk.


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