Test posting in the future

Probably one of the most missed feature of wordpress is the possibility to post in the future. There are days when you have tons of ideas, but you simply avoid to blog just because you’ve already blogged a lot in the last days. One of the most interesting feature of wordpress, as well as other blog engine is the ability to post in the future.

The good stuff is that windows live writer is able to decide date of the post directly on the post page, I’m writing this post 03 July 2009, but it will be published only the next day. Moreover in the net there are some suggestions on how to show a list of future post in the sidebar.

I’m not sure if I’ll use this feature, I’m a fan of Blogging at the moment, but for technical question, especially for series of posts dedicated to the same argument, the ability to schedule post in advance can be really interesting.


Tags: Blogging