To test a little bit how you can log information during a TFS 2010 build you can create a simple activity , this activity simply has a Message property and log three messages, at different BuildMessageImportance level The utility function is the following one Really simple isn’t it? :). Now you need to insert this […]

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If you want to deploy a database project into a target sql server instance during a tfs 2010 build, you can use with success the basic MsBuildTask, similar to tfs2008. I decided to deploy the database, only if the tests are ok and the build is ok, so I place a condition activity under the […]

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In last post I showed how to build a custom code activity to customize tfsbuild for beta2 of tfs2010. In that post I inserted custom action manually in the xaml file of the build definition, and I know that this can be a pain, if you want to insert a custom action in a specific […]

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There is a good post on Jim Lamb’s blog on how to customize tfs2010 build, but I decided to blog my experience because I need some more time to make it work. The steps to create a custom activities in tfs2010 are the following ones. First of all create an activity, like this simple TweetActivity […]

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