I’ve a problem, we developed a winform program that has a really big startup form. The height of the form is 880 pixel and is designed to work on big monitors. Clearly everything is resizable, so if you resize the form you can still work with it, with no problem. Figure 1: the form resized […]

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I have a winform project that uses a WPF control for reports. Everything went good, until we need to add more report to a form, and requirements told us to create a scrollbar to show all reports. I simply put a panel with autoscroll = true, and inside it I put a TableLayoutPanel and everything […]

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I have a winform application where the user can select an element into a grid, edit its properties, and then decide if the modification should be saved or rejected. Thanks to binding, IEditableObject and INotifyPropertyChanged, writing such feature is a breeze, but the user signaled me that something was wrong. He told me: “suppose you […]

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I need to implement a very simple interface, the user loads from a service a certain amount of objects displayed into a gridview. Then selecting an object in the gridview the user can edit object properties in a detail panel situated under the grid. Specification ask me to 1) avoid that the user update some […]

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