I know, this is a weird requirement, but sometimes they appear in your backlog. The story is: as company XXX I want to expose a service based on WCF in IIS without having the .svc suffix in the address. I’m actually using Castle Windsor WCF Integration to resolve my service class with castle, and it […]

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In a previous article I deal on How To test ssl based wcf service and part of the solution is to create a self issued certificate and make it valid inserting generated certificate in Trusted Root Certification Authority. This operation makes that CA trusted and is an operation that is not so good if you […]

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I’ve encountered a strange problem with WCF today, I have a custom Castle facility that is able to automatically create Wcf proxies with code, and it worked perfectly until I need to add a simple functionality: I want to be able to change at runtime some of the options of bindings that are configured in […]

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I’ve an application that is composed by WPF clients deployed over the internet and a central WCF service exposed over Https for security reason, everything works fine, but as the number of clients grows, performance starts to decrease a little. Since I have a great number of clients that operates behind a single standard ADSL […]

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I’ve already blogged in the past on how to easily troubleshoot WCF Exception and that suggestion is valid for every exception you encounter in WCF. Today I have a function that gave the error System.ServiceModel.CommunicationException: The underlying connection was closed: A connection that was expected to be kept alive was closed by the server. —> […]

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