I’ve dealt in a previous post with the new Shim library in Vs11 that permits you to test “difficult to test code” and I showed a really simple example on how to use Shim to isolate the call to DateTime.Now to simulate passing time in a Unit Test. Now I want to change a little […]

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I always strive myself to write testable code, but it is not always easy, especially if you do not follow TDD red-green-refactor mantra. Code written without Unit Testing in mind is usually not so easy to test and when is time to modify code written by other, if you want to create a safety net […]

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XAML editing in Visual Studio 2010 is not one of the most exiting experience you can have, it works, but compared to Blend it is really poor. One of the thing I really do not like is the lack of information on design time data. Since I really develop every XAML application with MVVM or […]

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Yesterday Microsoft released a really huge wave of tools as well as the consumer preview of the upcoming operating system Windows 8. For Developers there are a lots of news to learn, especially on the new version of Visual Studio called VS11, so I decided to create a blog post where I’ll try to list […]

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Finally the beta version of Visual Studio 11 is out, toghter with TFS 11 and windows 8 consumer preview. You can find informations and links to download here, you can also find standalone installer for various components of Visual Studio ALM at this address. All download can be found at the home page of the […]

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