The problem   One of the most dreadful problem of Unit Testing is slow testing. If your whole suite of tests runs in 10 minutes, it is normal for developers not to run the whole suite at each build. One of the most common question is How can I deal with slow Unit Tests? Here […]

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Coded UI Tests are a specific type of UI testing introduced with Visual Studio 2010. You can create your first Coded UI test following simple instruction from MSDN documentation. Most of the introductory examples shows you how you can use the Recorder tools to record interaction with a software (Web, WinForm, Wpf. etc) to generate […]

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When it is time to work with big solutions composed by many projects, it is useful to have the ability to stop the build at the very first build error. There are several reason to do this, first of all probably many of the subsequent error can be caused by the fact that a base […]

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Visual Studio 2012 is really faster than 2010, this is due to an excellent work of the team to maximize performance and because in this release some of the older and less used part of the IDE were removed. One of this part is the Macro editor that is not anymore available in Visual Studio. […]

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When you are developing Visual Studio plugin, your project is usually configured to launch a special instance of Visual Studio under the Visual Studio debugger (excellent example of dogfooding), this special instance is called experimental HIVE. Figure 1: Configuration of a standard VSIX project to test your addin As you can see the project is […]

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