One of the coolest feature of Visual Studio Database Edition is the ability to run Rules against a database project, like fxcop against a c# project. And the coolest part about this feature is that is really simple to write a custom rule. Rules are important, I’ve seen project where there is no naming rule […]

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When you deploy a database project with the command line utility vsdbcmd.exe you may want to change the value of some variables of the project. Suppose you’ve created a variable called Path1   And you have used this variable to specify the location of the files ALTER DATABASE [$(DatabaseName)] ADD FILE (NAME = [Northwind], FILENAME […]

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For those out there that are, like me, fans of Data Dude, here is a link that shows you the news about Data Dude in VS2010. The most appealing part is that “database projects” are now supported starting from VS professional edition, so I’m expecting that more and more people will try to manage databases […]

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Database Tests are really a great feature of Database Edition, and, like other tests, you can create a Data Driven Test of a stored procedure with little effort. The first stuff I do is to create a database project that will contains a table for each sets of data I want to use in a […]

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When you work with Visual Studio Database Edition, you surely love the data generation plans, and the ability to do database unit testing with automatic deploy and automatic preload. There is only one thing that is bad with database testing, they are usually slow because they are accessing disks. To speedup database testing the best […]

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