I noticed that when I used nunit 2.4 test runner it is really slower than 2.2. The reason is that in 2.4 the nunit test runner will use log4net as default logger, and if you do not disable logging, you will see in log tab an enormous amount of text. The reason is that nunit […]

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This is a rule that I try to adopt since long time in the past, and few days ago Jeff Atwood enforces this concept in his blog. I completely agree with him, code should be checked in often, especially when you have continuous integration server. Checking in often reduce the risk of conflicts, makes tests […]

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I’m working with OpenXml format of office 2007, so I keep the reference document open because I constantly need to search information into the document. The reference document is a 5200 huge 37 mb pdf, when I open it in Adobe reader 8 the acrobat process uses 60MB of ram, when I start a search […]

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I have a production server with an asp.net application, it run for months without errors. 10 days ago the elmah page begins to shows an error that occurred in a lot of pages. The application uses a standard ado.net Data access Layer, but a module uses nhibernate, and it turns out that all the errors […]

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I decided to remove comment moderation for the blog. I used it mainly to be sure that no spam pass the filter, but after some months of testing I verify that Akismet really does a good work, intercepting all the spam comments. Moreover I setup the WP-reCAPTCHA plugin to add a CAPTCHA in the end […]

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