Today I encountered a strange error during the configuration of a Build Controller in TFS. We installed and configured the first Build Controller for a TFS Instance, everything went good, but both controllers and agent are marked with stopped icon, even if status is “ready” Figure 1: Controller and agents are marked as stopped even […]

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Some time ago a friend asked me the easiest way to get code from a specific folder and a specific version in TFVC. The goal is avoiding using Get Specific Version because he do not want to overwrite the Workspace folder he is using, he want also to avoid creating another workspace only to do […]

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Sometimes, even if you are logged in as a domain user that has all the rights to access TFS, when you navigate to TFS you are prompted for password every time. You simply re-enter your credentials and you access TFS, but each time you close and reopen the browser you need to manually reenter credentials. […]

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I got this error from a powershell script when I call MsBuild.exe to publish a ClickOnce project in a TFS Build, the exact error is. error MSB3147: Could not find required file ‘setup.bin’ in … This is not the first time I encounter this error and it is usually caused by missing .NET SDK. The […]

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When it is time to maintain Team Foundation Server in small companies the major risk is “fear of upgrade”. In a small shops usually there is no dedicated resource to maintain TFS installation, usually you install the first time, schedule backup and everything is done. In small company maintenance is also simple, you usually have […]

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