One of the most interesting aspect of TFS is the great ability to give you all the statistics you need about your project thanks to the integration with SQL Analysis Services. The ability to do complex report based on TFS Cube is really exceptional, but it somewhat complicated for small teams, that needs much more […]

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One of the coolest capabilities of Team Foundation Server Build is the ability to automatically manage a symbol server. Suppose this scenario: you have a library and you want to distribute to all people in your organization, with the ability to being able to debug code in the dll and to identify the code that […]

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Now that Windows 8.1 preview is available, people start to think how they could compile W8.1 solutions with TFS. If you use TF Service you need only to enable a new Build Controller in preview, that is enabled to build 8.1 solutions. Figure 1: Enable the Windows 8.1 Preview Build controller on your TF Service […]

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If you installed Update 2 CTP 4 (now it has go-live and supports upgrade to RTM) you should also install the Visual Studio Tools for Git that permits to work with Git repository directly from a Team Explorer extension. You can work with GitHub or whatever Git hosting you like and surely you can work […]

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In a previous post called “Move a TFService source contorl to TF Service Git based Team Project” I explained how to simple move sources from a standard TF Service project to another one based on Git. Now after a push if I issue a log I got this. Figure 1: Origin_tfs/tfs branch in my log? […]

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