If you read this post, you can see how to customize a tfs build to modify versioning of the assembly. During that process to find the latest changeset of the repository, to use as “revision Number” , I used a direct call to tf.exe tool and a custom Regex msbuild task to parse the result […]

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One of the most important stuff in a project build, is the ability to mark the assemblies with unique numbers that permits us to reproduce the build. Tfs does not have a standard way of doing this, but with a couple of MsBuild actions it is really simple to overcome this limitation. This is a […]

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I’have a virtual machine with TFS2010 Beta, everything was ok, I’ve not worked with it for the last month, this morning I fire the virtual machine again, open visual studio and found that the TFS is not working. It gave me error TF31002, so I begin to investigate the reason for failure. When TFS does […]

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I just received a question in a old post, the question is if we can generate builds against any applied label on source code in TFS. Tfs build are configured to always retrieve by default the latest code from source control, but you can configure it with no problem. All you need is to override […]

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