With TFS 2012 you can do work planning with the new agile board, where work is decomposed from PBI to task and task are usually estimated in hours. Figure 1: Task estimation is made in hours. Using hours is only a matter of convenience, but many agile team does not like hourly estimates and prefer […]

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One of the great advantage of using Tfs on Azure, called Team Foundation Service, is that you never should worry for update of the server, because everything is managed by the TFS team. If you already have an account, you probably noticed that the UI is radically changed, as described in Brian Harry’s post, new […]

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Shelvesets are a really useful concept in TFS, and you should be aware that thanks to Power Tools you can even do a Merge during an Unshelve in case of conflicts. As an example suppose this simple and stupid scenario, you have this code. Figure 1: Original Code Now lets generate a conflict with Shelveset; […]

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Suppose you have this scenario, a team is working on company office to create some software that communicate with some complex hardware that will be deployed to a foreign country. When is time to set up everything in production the team goes physically to that foreign country and they will modify the software on the […]

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In this post of Mr. Brian Harry some of the news regarding TFS 11 VCS are unveiled. While there is still no DVCS, there are a lot of improvements with the introduction of “local workspaces”. Actually TFS Workspaces status is kept on the server, so whenever you issue a GetLatest, the server check the status […]

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