I’ve decided to move to a 500 GB SSD to have plenty of space to store my virtual machines. At the time of the decision, Samsung EVO was the better option. I’ve posted in the past benchmarks for my Vertex4 256 GB And I was really curious about performance of Samsung EVO. Vertex 4 has […]

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I own both a Vertex3 256GB and a Vertex 4 256, and people usually ask me if the vertex 4 is really faster than vertex 3, or difference in performance are really little. I think it is difficult to answer this question, I can only post you Cristal Diskmark test for both drive when they […]

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My new Vertex4 SSD is just arrived, I bought essentially to upgrade my laptop that has an old OCZ vertex2 drive 120 GB. I was constantly striving to make room for my virtual machines, so I decided that it was time to upgrade it to a 240GB SSD disk. As soon as my vertex 4 […]

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The real price of hardware
on February 27th, 2012
On category: General

I bought a Vertex 3 240GB SSD drive for 270€ VAT included and some of my friend told that this is an expensive drive and they do not want to spend so much money for a Drive. The problem is how you use your hardware, in my life I work as a software consultant, and […]

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I blogged a couple of days ago about my new Vertex3 SSD Disk, and I gave a screenshot of the CrystalDiskmark result, that I report here for the sake of discussion. Yesterday I decided to work on my laptop while I did a fresh windows 7 install on the new disk, then I installed everything […]

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