I have this piece of code     And doc2 is checked because it could be null, so I can ALT+RET and choose the right action, as example check if doc2 is null And I got this With a couple of click on the keyboard, if you to not like all of the code to […]

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In a system that use heavily IoC principle, it is common during component modification, to discover that to add a new functionality that component need to add a dependency on some interface. Here is the constructor of a component 1: public MainNavigator( 2: IEBrochureService brochureService, 3: IBroker broker) 4: { Now I need to add […]

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Surely when you write code you write a lot of similar snippets, as an example, defining properties in objects that should implements INotifyPropertyChanged is usually highly repetitive, I write my properties like this one. 1: [DataMember] 2: public Int32 Rank 3: { 4: get { return _rank; } 5: set { this.Set(p => p.Rank, value, […]

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R# is really useful, but sometimes, when I’m working to very big web forms or winform projects, and I know that I do not need R# feature because I’m only designing the UI, it can be useful to temporary suspend R#, freeing memory and speeding a little bit VS. In R#5 the option to disable […]

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