The search box functionality was introduced with the August release, but I see that some people still does not know it. This question arose during a talk about how to handle the lifecycle of a bug, and when it was time to deal with the “avoid duplication” issue, people told me that they want a […]

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You can read all the details Here, but basically it is a release mainly focused for “non visual studio developers”. This new release has a MSSCCI provider for 64 bit, and a version of Power Tools for eclipse, and it is available from the Eclipse update site. For those ones interested in knowing the news […]

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Shelvesets are a really useful concept in TFS, and you should be aware that thanks to Power Tools you can even do a Merge during an Unshelve in case of conflicts. As an example suppose this simple and stupid scenario, you have this code. Figure 1: Original Code Now lets generate a conflict with Shelveset; […]

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One of the most requested feature for TFS is the ability to distribute automatically Visual Studio adding to team member. This needs is especially important for addin like Custom Check-in policies, because if developers do not install check-in policies they would not be run during a Check-in. Every time you show check-in policies to a […]

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