I’ve an application that is composed by WPF clients deployed over the internet and a central WCF service exposed over Https for security reason, everything works fine, but as the number of clients grows, performance starts to decrease a little. Since I have a great number of clients that operates behind a single standard ADSL […]

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When you work with Big databases with many records and not uniform distribution of data into columns used for join or where conditions, you can have really bad performance problem due to Query Plan caching. I do not want to give a deep explanation of this problem, you can find information here, but I want […]

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I have an application that analyze some data and insert about 1000 objects for each cycle into the database. The insertion needs to be transactional, and I need to insert 500 instances of object A and 500 instances of object B, and each B have a reference to A. When I launch the application I […]

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Performance of Lists
on January 19th, 2011
On category: .NET framework

In a previous post I explained how to create a simple LINQ extension method to use the Distinct() method with a lambda and not an IEqualityComparer. That solution uses a simple List<T> as temporary storage to implement the concept of “distinct elements”. To verify if an object was already returned I simply searched into the […]

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