I’ve blogged some time ago that I’m starting to consider ORM an Antipattern, and recently Mr Fowler posted similar thoughts in his bliki, moreover I have the pleasure to be one of the organizer of the first RavenDB official Course in Italy, with my dear friend Mauro as teacher. Since I’m strongly convinced that in […]

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After lots of year working with NHibernate I started to think that probably the whole concept of ORM can be considered an Antipattern. Some people prefer a “classic” approach to the problem, data is the key concept and most of the logic is inside a storage based on Relational Model. Is this wrong? Absolutely not, […]

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Entity Framework is quite a good product, but in my opinion still misses some point to be called an ORM. I must admit that I never used the 4.1 Code first in real project, but there are some stuff that still does not convince me when using EF. When I decide to use EF (and […]

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Do you ORM?
on November 5th, 2010
On category: Entity Framework

I really believe that I could not live anymore without ORM, and this is one simple reason. Suppose in NorthWind you should query for all Customers that have at least four orders where the total discount  is greater than 100. Figure1: LINQ query to select all customers that have at least three orders with total […]

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