In previous post I explained how I modified the Broker class to store WeakReference to Action<Message<T>> delegate to avoid the broker preventing garbage collection of the subscribers. This is a strong requirement, an object register an handler to the broker, but it does not want to share the same lifecycle of the broker because it […]

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Sometimes there is the need to modify the value of some part of the configuration file of a .NET application at runtime, this is an example: I have a software that read some content from xml files, and have several paths listed in the AppSettings section of application configuration file. During the very first run […]

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To deploy application that use mshtml with clickonce, you need to be sure that microsoft.mshtml.dll is included in the setup of click once, or the application will not install if mshtml.dll is not present on the machine at the time of deploy. But if you include it sometimes clients are not able to install application […]

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I’ve some legacy code where stuff have to be passed with querystring, because we need to issue Get request to the server, and I need to pass various set of parameters for some reporting functions, but those parameters have 20 field, and are somewhat used as a tree. I decided to serialize everything and pass […]

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