The original idea of ConventionalCommand was taken by Radical Framework of my dear friend Mauro, the purpose is using a Convention over Configuration to bind Ui element to Commands in a MVVM architecture. You can find a real good and complete implementation of this concept in Radical, but I created a custom smaller and trivial [...]

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How simple is creating UI in WPF
on June 23rd, 2012
On category: WPF

I have this UI already working, it is a simple interface where users are presented with a list of Customers object, for each customers some feature could be enabled or not, so we have nice checkboxes to immediately enable/disable a feature with One Click. Figure 1: Actual situation all the checkboxes are always enabled But [...]

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The problem is really simple, but sometimes I see people tend to forget a little bit how the DataContext works in WPF and being stuck in wandering why a command is not invoked when a button inside a DataTemplate is pressed. Suppose you have a ListView bounds to a list of items called SingleResult, for [...]

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I needed a simple way to obtain this simple result: whenever a certain component in the UI (a WebBrowser control) raises some specific event, I want a command in the VM to be executed, without the need to specify any command parameter. The only requirement I want is avoiding a single line of code in [...]

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I’m using in a project a modified version of MVVM in WPF originally made by my dear friend Mauro (check his project Radical, it is really cool). Actually I use a custom DelegateCommand to handle communication between View and the View Model. Here is a sample snippet on how I initialize a command in View [...]

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