Thanks to Microsoft Test Manager, testing teams have a complete tool to manage every part of testing, but since it is a new tool we need to understand how to use at its best, so I’ll try to explain a typical cycle of a test-bug-fix-test with MTM. Everything starts with the definition of a Test […]

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In TFS 2010 testing capabilities are really exceptional, and I’m not referring to testing tools that actually permits to record and replay web pages, CUIT etc, but I’m referring to the possibility to do a serious management of test plans for your projects. I’ve seen in the past team doing test plan management with Excel, […]

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If you have problem collecting intellitrace during a test run with MTM for an web application, and you really checked everything but cannot find any clue, check the user you are using to run the application. I have an installation where, using the default application pool will result in intellitrace being collected, while if […]

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