Visual Studio has the concept of grouping files together a feature used mainly from code generation tools to groups generated files under the main file, but this feature can be used even for your class, as shown in Figure1. Figure 1: Two code files nested inside program.cs There are a lot of reasons to group […]

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This is the third post on the series “create a macro to Attach to Local IIS”. The last modification I want to implement is the ability to list all the w3wp.exe active processes, if more than one process is present, I want it to show a list of all IIS processes and let the user […]

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I’ve already blogged about the creation of a macro that permits you to attach to IIS worker process pressing a key combination. This approach does not work if you have multiple w3wp.exe processes that are actually running into your machine, because the macro only attach to the very first of them. A simple and stupid […]

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If you heavily work with branches, one of the most frustrating error you can do is modify the wrong branch. I have a project composed by several solution each one containing different UI Projects, each one using WCF as back end but released as separate software. Whenever we do a release of a new version […]

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