One of the coolest feature of Mongo is the concept of Capped Collection, or “fixed size” collection. They are based on a FIFO queue where the first record to be discharded is the first inserted, and this is exceptional to create a log-collection that automatically purge all old logs without any user intervention. To be […]

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Store complex object associated with logs thanks to MongoDb and a log4net Appender.

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I’ve applications that can work in two distinct configuration, they are based on WPF and MVVM, where the VM communicates with the Domain / Business Logic through services like IXxxxService. All View Models depends from one or more services and thanks to Castle I can decide with configuration file which concrete class to use for […]

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Scenario: I have some service that runs in the background, but I want the user to be able to launch interactively with a  windows form application and I want to intercept all log4net messages issued by the various components that works in the background. Thanks to the supereasy way to write an appender in log4net, […]

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  I’m currently profiling a web application, and I noticed that for some combination of input, a specific search into the database is really really slow. After verifying that the query is not responsible for this problem I fire a profiler, load the page, issue the search and then verify with ant profiler the method […]

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