It could happens when you clone a Git Repository with submodules, issuing a git submodule update command, you are prompted with this error error. Cloning into ‘src/xxxx’… Warning: Permanently added the RSA host key for IP address to the list of known hosts. Permission denied (publickey). fatal: Could not read from remote repository. If […]

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This is one annoying problem that happens sometimes to git users: the symptom is: git status command shows you some files as modified (you are sure that you had not modified that files), you revert all changes with a git checkout — . but the files stills are in modified state if you issue another […]

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In an old post I’ve already demonstrated how you can move a project from a standard TFS Version Control System to a Git repository hosted on TF Service (or wherever else). This is especially useful if you are working with TFS but you really need features of a Distributed Version Control System. The original post […]

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This is the scenario: Nablasoft company uses TFS with standard TFVC (TFS Version Control System) and needs to assign some of the work to some external Company (lets call it Acme), as an example developing for Android or iOs. The simplest solution is giving Acme developers access to TFS server, but then Nablasoft should pay […]

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Git support in Visual Studio   Having Git Support in Visual Studio is something I like for a lot of reasons; one of the most important one is the ability to use a local Git repository even if you work with Standard TFS Source Control or if you work with subversion. Usually Git includes a […]

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