This is the history of a nasty bug happened today. There is some service that has a method called GetCustomers() and this function is used from a web application and a Windows application. Since landing web page use this function to show all customers data, and since  Customers entity changes rarely we decide to put […]

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I’m a very noob Blend user and I learn it without reading or seeing any tutorial, just opened blend and begin to use it… this is no good because I missed some basic features like for example that the grid can be put in Canvas or Grid mode…. Figure 1: The grid is in canvas […]

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I’m exited on Brian Harry’s plan to do a series of posts regarding programming practices in his blog. The main reason is that Brian had really wrote tons of good code and it is really interesting knowing how he organize his projects. From this first post I strongly agree with a couple of concepts, the […]

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I was reading this post, and I really agree with Jeff, every day is international Backup Awareness Day. People usually learn the importance of a good backup the first time they have a great data loss, or when you see others having greats data loss. I remember, loong time ago, when I worked in a […]

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