One of the greatest missing of Visual Studio Database Projects, is the ability to manage data in a Database Project. One widely used technique to overcome this limitation is using PostDeployment scripts and script data inserting. This technique is used also to insert test data inside the database. When used in this way, you need […]

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The ability to automatically deploy a site on Azure Web Site from TFService is really interesting, but sadly enough there is no out-of-the-box solution to update the structure of an Azure Database with a VS2012 Database Project. In this post I’ll show how to modify the standard build template to deploy a Database Project during […]

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I have a VS2008 project that is being converted to VS2010. This solution has a MsTest test project used to run database test against a Database project. After conversion you need to target the 4.0 framework for the test project, you run the test and you get Microsoft.Build.BuildEngine.InvalidProjectFileException: Microsoft.Build.BuildEngine.InvalidProjectFileException: The expression "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\VisualStudio\9.0\VSTSDB@VSTSDBDirectory" cannot be evaluated. […]

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One of the coolest feature of Database Projects in VS2008 is the ability to synchronize the database project with a physical instance of SQL server. This is useful if not all people from the team have the ability to run a database project (this is solved in vs2010 where database project are available even in […]

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If you want to deploy a database project into a target sql server instance during a tfs 2010 build, you can use with success the basic MsBuildTask, similar to tfs2008. I decided to deploy the database, only if the tests are ok and the build is ok, so I place a condition activity under the […]

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