It is time to connect together a couple of posts of mine, in the first I simply explained how to deploy a web application to a remote machine with the use of Beyondexec2, in another one I explained how to create a simple tfs build, that actually does not build anything, but execute a simple […]

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If you have an MSBuild custom task that you want to reuse in a TFS 2010 build workflow, you have two solution. The first is using the MsBuild activity as I described in this post, but this approach has a lot of limitations. First of all it is clumsy, because you have to pass custom […]

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Some time ago I blogged about logging in custom action for TFS build 2010, I left out some details. Suppose you want to create a warning or an error and not a simple message, you need to create a specialized version of the LogWarning that logs a real warning. You can do the same with […]

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Branching policies
on September 15th, 2009

I just read this post of Martin Fowler, and I found it very interesting. In my opinion, even small projects will greatly benefit from Continuous Integration. Despite of the Branching policies that you choose, having a machine for CI is vital during the lifetime of a project. Usually I do not like very much CherryPicking […]

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