Coded UI Tests are a specific type of UI testing introduced with Visual Studio 2010. You can create your first Coded UI test following simple instruction from MSDN documentation. Most of the introductory examples shows you how you can use the Recorder tools to record interaction with a software (Web, WinForm, Wpf. etc) to generate [...]

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One of the most important news in TFS Build 2010 is the introduction of Workflow Foundation that replaced standard MSBuild scripts used in TFS 2008. Workflow foundation can be really powerful, but indeed it is somewhat scaring and quite often customizing a build can be complex. You can find some blog post of mine on [...]

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During the official Launch of Visual Studio 2013 a lots of news were announced, but one of the most interesting is Visual Studio Online (Previously Known as TF Service). This is not only a simple rebrand of a product, the change of name indicates also that the service is not only a TFS hosted on [...]

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Tracking project costs and Budgets with Microsoft TFS XCentium Enhancement What’s new And exciting in .NET 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012 (RangerTalk) Writing .NET in PowerShell and creating TFS Teams Extending Visual Studio Team Explorer 2012 + MyHistory Extension P.S. This will be probably the last of my “Visual Studio ALM Links week xxx” series, [...]

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I’ve already blogged how to associate Work Items with TFS Check-ins using tags in comment and a bunch of Api Calls. This feature is now available for any TF Service based on Git, but someone asked me how can you accomplish this task with API. A possible scenario would be supporting different type of comment [...]

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