You already know that I’m a fan of NDepend because it is a really useful tool to have a deep insight on your code and especially to spot out troublesome areas in your project. With version 4 it added a really cool capability called CQLinq or Code Query Linq; an amazing feature that permits you [...]

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I’ve blogged some time ago on the basic fact that I’m not a Git lover and a couple of days ago I stumbled upon this post (10 things I hate about Git), where the author did a full explanation of various reason why he does not like Git. If you have read in the past [...]

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Previous part of the series Getting Started With Lucene .NET In the previous part I’ve showed how easy is to create an index with, but in this post I’ll start to explain how to search into it, first of all what I need is a more interesting example, so I decided to download a [...]

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I started working with Lucene.Net and I should admit that is a real powerful library, but it is really huge and needs a little bit of time to be mastered completely. Probably one of the best resource to keep in mind is the FAQ, because it contains really most of the more common question you [...]

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Store complex object associated with logs thanks to MongoDb and a log4net Appender.

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