If you installed Visual Studio 2013 but you are not able to find the “developer command prompt” in your Windows 8 environment, the solution is simple. Just go to the folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\Common7\Tools\Shortcuts” Now right click on Developer Command Prompt for VS2013 and choose “pin to start” and the game is […]

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Visual Studio has the ability to simulate network speeds during test execution. This feature is nice especially for Load Test, because it permits to really simulate users that have different configuration speed. This ability is granted from a network component that gots installed in your TCP/IP stack and one of the question that usually arise […]

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One of the greatest missing of Visual Studio Database Projects, is the ability to manage data in a Database Project. One widely used technique to overcome this limitation is using PostDeployment scripts and script data inserting. This technique is used also to insert test data inside the database. When used in this way, you need […]

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I’ve some little utilities for Visual Studio, born as a Macro and then converted to Plugin. Now that VS 2013 preview is out, I want to convert that addin to support the new version of Visual Studio, so I can use my utilities even in VS 2013. The whole conversion process is really straightforward, first […]

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Code UI Test are an effective way to test your UI through automation, they absolutely are not a substitution for Unit Testing, but they can be used effectively to verify the whole application behave as expected. The most annoying part of Coded UI Test is that while they are running you cannot do anything else […]

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