Open Xml Project
on November 18th, 2009
On category: .NET framework, Office

I’ve received some comments in an old post, regarding the manipulation of docx documents, with the purpose of substitute parts of the original document with images or pieces of text. I’ve blogged also how to use Excel to create reports, and populate data programmatically with OpenXml standard. The original code was developed for an Italian […]

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OpenXml excel and formulas
on June 16th, 2009
On category: Office

In an old post, I deal with a simple way to create excel report using openXml format. The trick is a simple manipulation of the document with Linq to Xml. Now I need to add another feature, I need to open an excel document with formulas, fill some cells, leaving formulas intact. My first version […]

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In a previous post I deal with image insertion into an openXml document. Now it is time to show how to change image dimension, I want to be able to define new dimension and to choose if the image should be stretched or no. The w:drawing element has two distinct part to manage image dimension, […]

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In previous post I showed how to open a docx file, search for a specific text, and replace the text with another string. The reason for doing this is simply to create a master report file in docx format, and let an application insert data in specific part of the document itself. The next step […]

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Quite often, customers ask us to generate reports in word format, the main advantage of this approach is that people feels comfortable working with word, and they love the possibility to modify the report once generated. In the past years I used many techniques to reach this goal, but in the end, a lot of […]

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