If you still work with windows forms and cannot move all of your projects to WPF, you probably gets annoyed by the limitation of the standard BindingList<T> included in the framework. In an old post I showed how can you create a specialized BindingList<T> to support generic Find() thanks to reflection, but this is not […]

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I’ve incurred in a very stupid bug this afternoon, I run test on a new version of a component and I see that a lot of exceptions are raised about violating unique constraint of a simple strongly typed dataset I use to log information in database. After a brief look at the code I found […]

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Today I was speaking with a colleague about creating a generic IComparer<T> that is able to compare two object based on a property discovered through reflection. Such object will be very useful to sort or find object inside collection of objects when you work with a domain model. In a domain we usually have a […]

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Yesterday I blogged on a slightly modified version of Ayende code posted here, this makes me reflect on template pattern of the GOF. Template pattern is one of the most useful pattern, and is used when you have a common block of code that is to be repeated in may part with a little customization. […]

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A friend of mine is taking a basic course in computer programming, and actually he is studying the basic of C language. Yesterday he told me that he must do a very simple exercise that will print on screen a triangle like thisXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXAnd so on. He asked me if I could review his solution before […]

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