Budget for Hardware
on November 10th, 2011
On category: Experiences

I’ve just read this blog post that deals about the benefit of having the right hardware to work for developers. Quite often having or not having an SSD is not the real problem, because developers works with machine with low ram and slow disks and this is especially true for people working with laptop, that […]

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I’ve learned in the past a precious rule about hardware: try to imagine how you will use your pc in at least one or two years period before thinking to buy some piece of hardware. I remember a lot of years ago, when I bought a pc with a 1.6 GB Hard Disk, a size […]

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I love virtual machines
on September 16th, 2011
On category: Experiences

I’m installing TFS 11 developer preview and I got this. So I clicked settings, added another 4 gb ram to the machine (to a total of 6 GB), vmWare workstation suspend the machine for a bunch of seconds, then I rerun check and magically I can move on. And I’m a few seconds away to […]

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In a system that use heavily IoC principle, it is common during component modification, to discover that to add a new functionality that component need to add a dependency on some interface. Here is the constructor of a component 1: public MainNavigator( 2: IEBrochureService brochureService, 3: IBroker broker) 4: { Now I need to add […]

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Today I faced a very strange problem with GeckoBrowser, after navigating a page I simply need to grab all the HTML of the page to analyze it. I try to access the GeckoBrowser.Document.TextContentv property but it is always null. I searched on the web and found this discussion but it does not work, because the […]

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